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Water Dikkop Burhinus vermiculatus
Water Thickknee defending chicks
K23186   warding off Water Monitor
Thornybush Nature Reserve, South Africa; Dec 2016 (4)
Water Thickknee pair defending chicks
Water Thickknee with chicks Water Thickknee with chicks
K23079 K23088
Water Thick-knee pair
Hoedspruit, South Africa; Jan 2016
Water Thickknee Water Thickknee on nest
H45761 H47599 incubating
Balule, Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2014 Babalala, Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2014 (2)
Water Thickknee
H47613 approaching nest
Kidd's Beach, South Africa; May 2010 (6)
G05123 G05081
G05104 G05067 G05112
E29675 D10202
Skukuza area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Apr 2009 Central Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2008
WT32788 WT05763
Pafuri, Kruger Park, South Africa; Dec 2007 Bonamanzi, South Africa; Jan 2006
G33419 G33442 G33457
Shingwedzi area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Feb 2012 (4)
Water Dikkop resting
E30833 camouflage! G35125
  Chobe, Botswana; May 2012
Water Thickknee nest site Water Thickknee eggs
J20079   nest site J20074 eggs
de Mond Nature Reserve, South Africa; Nov 2016 (2)
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