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Grey Crowned Crane Balearica regulorum
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Mar 2010 (6)
G03595 G03645
G03303 G03321 G03638
F02945 family group, 2 ad on left & 3 imm on right
Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe; Sep 2009
Amersfoort, South Africa; Jul 2008 (2)
Grey Crowned Crane pair at nest Grey Crowned Crane nest
WT000a WT0007
Dullstroom, South Africa; Dec 1980 Dullstroom, South Africa
Grey Crowned Crane pair
Wakkerstroom, South Africa
WT000c WT000b nest
Wakkerstroom, South Africa; Jan 1998 (2) Lothair, South Africa; Dec 1988
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