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Wahlberg's Eagle Aquila wahlbergi
Wahlberg's Eagle Wahlberg's Eagle
K08532 K08525
Modimolle, South Africa; Sep 2016 (2)
Wahlbergs Eagle
Shingwedzi, Kruger Park, South Africa; Dec 2014
H10344 H09614
Katima Mulilo, Namibia; Oct 2012 (2)
E34786 E34791 (white form) E34802
Mkuze, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; Dec 2009 (3)
D18873 D18886 D18948
Punda Maria area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Mar 2009 (3)
D19521 D19518 D10764
Letaba area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Mar 2009 (2) Modimolle, South Africa; Nov 2008
D09708 allopreening 42808
Central Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2008 (5)
D09565 D09698 D10033
WT28200 WT28201
Skukuza area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Sep 2007 (2)
WT000c WTO00b
Nylsvley, South Africa Nylsvley area, South Africa; Oct 1982
nest with rare 2-egg clutch Abel (left) just killed by Cain (right)
Nylsvley, South Africa; Oct 1981 (2)
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