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White-backed Vulture Gyps africanus
White-backed Vulture White-backed Vulture
K00534 K00553
Mopipi, Botswana; June 2016 (2)
White-backed Vulture on nest White-backed Vulture in flight
J08432 J08099
Khwai River, Botswana; May 2015 Njuca, Botswana; May 2015
White-backed Vulture in flight White-backed Vulture
H45578 H50459
Nwanetsi, Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2014 Mopani, Kruger Park, South Africa; Dec 2014
H18728 H18745
Witsand, South Africa; Aug 2013 (2)
F05264 (with Cape Vulture third from left)
Mkuze, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; Dec 2009
E29524 E29522
Lower Sabie area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Apr 2009 (4)
E29614   in centre, with Lapped-faced and Cape Vultures E29526
D09701 D09778
Shingwedzi area, Kruger Park, South Africa; Oct 2008 (3)
D09785 WT31613 imm
  Pafuri, Kruger Park, South Africa; Dec 2007 (2)
WT21197 WT23124 WT31627
Letlaneng, Botswana; Apr 2007 Omaruru, Namibia; Apr 2007  
WT21189 WT21193
Letlaneng, Botswana; Apr 2007 (2)
E31083 G35949
Save Conservancy, Zimbabwe; Jul 2009 Chobe, Botswana; May 2012 (2)
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