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Yellow-billed Stork Mycteria ibis
Yellow-billed Stork Yellow-billed Stork head
K23056 K23058
Thornybush Nature Reserve, South Africa; Dec 2016 (2)
Yellow-billed Stork group
Balule, Kruger Park, South Africa; Mar 2016 (3)
Yellow-billed Stork fishing Yellow-billed Storks
H40997 H40751
Yellow-billed Stork in flight
Khwai River, Botswana; May 2015
G04214 G04229 G04255
Nylsvley, South Africa; Apr 2010 (5)
G04283 G04286
G08076 G08083
Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique; Sep 2010 (4)
G08055 G08056
WT35842 WT35884
Kgomo-Kgomo, South Africa; Feb 2008 (2)
Nylsvley, South Africa; Sep 2005
G34987 G35032
Chobe, Botswana; May 2012 (8)
G35039 G35004
G35013 G35597
G35027 G35049
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